Pour Your Own Beer

A unique, innovative, and engaging draft beer system that is revolutionizing the drinking experience, one pour at a time!

Central Ale House has created a centralized wall of taps that allow any patron 21+ to pour their own beer. Central Ale House will issue a pre or post-pay beer card and our customers have the chance to try as little as they want of a beer before having to commit to a full glass of beer. Their tasting pours will than automatically be added to their tab. Since you are paying by the ounce it isn't a problem if someone tries 1 ounce of 10 different beers or 4 ounces of 5 different beers; either way, their tab will reflect exactly what they poured and how much.

Beer wall

Customers can enjoy the freedom to refill at their leisure, sample new beers, giving you time to enjoy a great time with their friends. Never worry about waiting for service at the bar or table again!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How does it work?
Once we have verified your age by checking your ID, you will be issued an RFID card. With this card you can run a tab by leaving a credit card with a staff member or you can pre-load a dollar amount. Once the RFID card is inserted into the desired monitor for that tap, the system recognizes the customer and grants access. Your customer will see their available funds on the main display, what they’ve consumed and, most importantly, be able to pour the beverage of their choice.

How does the establishment track consumption?
Servers can determine the total amount dispensed per table by looking at the display meter on the wall. In addition, our system also allows management to track total consumption and run reports using proprietary software.

So I could drink a whole keg of beer?
Not exactly. There is actually a limit to the amount of beer dispensed on each beer card. Our System will authorize 32 ounces of beer per person at which point the tap shuts off and the flow of beer is disabled. A server is then required to return to the table with an RFID card to reinitiate pouring after determining whether or not the party is suited to continue drinking.

Can I choose which beers come out of the tap?
Each beer has it's own seperate tap. All you need to do is step up to the tap with the beer you want, insert your card and pour your favorite beer.

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